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With our trainee program, we launch your career that will make you immediately valuable to top Dutch companies. We do this with a high-quality training program that is carefully tailored to your talents and skills. After which, under our guidance, you will start working for the company that best suits your choice. With the prospect of employment.

Are you up to the challenge?

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Why iTrainee?

Because we love happy people! Of talents who make the most of themselves, with a valuable career start from which they derive genuine pleasure.

How do we do this?

With training in technical & business knowledge and soft skills and a trainee period of 15 months under intensive supervision.

The result?

An amazing job in a top company, where you can make an immediate difference. And successful start of a great career in business.

Top notch companies where you can get started:

Your stepping stone to a dream job

You’re talented, inquisitive, ambitious and looking for a career where you can show what you’re made of, right from the get-go, in a company that encourages fast development. There’s no shortage of offers, but how do you choose? Where can you learn the most? What sort of work suits you best? And will you really enjoy it? You won’t find the answers to these questions at university, or on social media or job vacancy sites.

iTrainee will help you to launch a successful career. Our traineeship introduces you to a range of business and/or technical directions within the IT sector, and helps you to work on your soft skills, such as giving feedback and dealing with conflicts. Next, we will help you to choose a specialization in a particular field, such as HRM, finance, BI or logistics, so you can start working at a company that really fulfils your needs and ambitions.

iTrainee has already helped hundreds of talented young people to launch their career. Do you think you could pass the selection procedure?

Read more about the training program here

Wondering what our trainee program entails? Find out what’s waiting for you in the brochure – from the first contact to a permanent job. Read about what the traineeship can do for you, what the selection process and training program look like, and how we can help you to take the first step to a dream job.

Our focus on IT

Better to be the best in one thing, than good enough at several things. We prefer to be the very best! That’s why this traineeship focuses on IT. These days, every sector needs IT. That’s why having knowledge of IT gives you an edge at many companies. IT knowledge is not useful if you want to become a software developer, but also if you prefer the business field, for example.


With IT knowledge under your belt, you can go anywhere: from HR to logistics, finance, production or sales.


As an IT specialist, you’re constantly working with new innovations, such as data science and low-code.


IT knowledge offers career opportunities working with a variety of business processes at top companies worldwide.

 How it works

Our training program combines standard and specialist modules specific to the client that you as a trainee will be working for. It includes technical and business training, and also helps trainees develop their communication skills. So, trainees end up in a top job in no time!


Want to find out what we can do for you? Feel free to drop by for a coffee!


Want to know where our trainees end up? Or when you qualify for the traineeship? Any questions you might have about our traineeship, our FAQs will help you find the answer to them quickly and easily.

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