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What iTrainee alumni say

Over the years, our unique approach has helped hundreds of young talents find work as an SAP consultant with some of the best companies in the Netherlands. All ambitious people who made the decision to continue learning first and make themselves more employable by these companies. iTrainee: the biggest kick-start to your career you can get!

The ultimate stepping stone to a top job!

After obtaining his Master’s Degree at the Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Miguel decided he wanted to stay. To kickstart his career, he chose to follow the iTrainee traineeship. Now, he works as a Data Engineer at Nationale Nederlanden. You can read more about his journey here

“I like it a lot, I really have a nice team. Even though it’s such a big company, I feel good within my department. The environment is very intellectually stimulating. My team members and manager are very supportive. I can also see paths within the company to grow. They are not shy about investing in me. It’s a relaxed and open environment, which makes me really happy. The traineeship was a great jump-start for me. A completely new chapter of my life has started!”

Miguel, Data Engineer, NN

Frans Daems studied Commercial Economics at Avans University of Applied Sciences and completed a Master’s in Marketing Management at Tilburg University. After graduating, he started his career with a traineeship at iTrainee, choosing to specialize as a SAP Basis Consultant. Here’s how he worked his way up to team leader at MyBrand. In his professional article, he tells you how he helps companies to move to SAP S/4HANA.

“I still use a lot of the technical and functional knowledge I gained at iTrainee in my work every day. And thanks to the traineeship, I found out that the technical side suits me better than analyzing data.”

Frans, SAP Technical Consultant, myBrand

Tim joined iTrainee after studying Human Technology Interaction at Eindhoven University. After spending 15 months on a placement with Nationale-Nederlanden, Tim is now employed there. You can read about what he does as an SAP Dev-Ops engineer here. In his professional article, Tim shares four lessons he learned while building a Fiori app for Nationale-Nederlanden.

“I’m extremely grateful to iTrainee for the opportunity they gave me and the great support. The traineeship is quite fast-paced, but it really does prepare you for working life. They make sure you end up somewhere that fits your personality and drive well.”

Tim, SAP Dev-Ops engineer, NN

Angela joined iTrainee after studying International Management at Tilburg University. She gained knowledge of SAP, as well as skills relating to job applications, presentations and holding difficult discussions. Through iTrainee, Angela ended up working at Mammoet. Here’s how she progressed to Business Application Analyst. In her professional article, she tells about how she heads major projects in that role and how she approaches them.

“iTrainee taught me a lot about society and prepared me for the business world. They also thought hard about which companies were best for me. That’s how I ended up at Mammoet. They turned out to be a great match.”

Angela, Business Application Analyst at Mammoet

From the first contact to a top job!

After studying Business Administration at Radboud University, Lars looked for somewhere he could combine his passion for IT and organizational development. At iTrainee, Lars gained knowledge in SAP and specialized in Plant Maintenance. And that’s how he ended up at Alliander. Here’s what he does as a Product Owner. In his professional article on getting rid of customization from the SAP environment, you will find out what kind of great projects Lars gets to work on at Alliander.

“iTrainee offered me the opportunity to develop in a more specialized way. I gained some basic knowledge of SAP and became skilled in it, meaning I was of immediate value to Alliander within the first few months.”

Lars, Product Owner, Alliander

In 2017, after my Mathematics study, I started the SAP traineeship. During the training you learn the basics of SAP and you can make a good choice in which you want to specialize. I find the combination of functional and technical knowledge particularly interesting.

SAP-consultant at Atos

I still use much of the technical and functional knowledge I gained at iTrainee on a daily basis in my work. And thanks to the traineeship, I found out that the technical side suits me better than analyzing data.

SAP Technical Consultant, myBrand

The SAP traineeship taught me how to solve challenging issues, but also how to believe in mystelf. During my time with iTrainee, I built an extensive network, found a great employer and the love of my life.

Salesforce Consultant at Nextview

After studying Business Administration, I was looking for a traineeship to gain practical experience and more in-depth knowledge at the same time. iTrainee’s traineeship is highly recommended for both SAP and soft skills.

SAP Specialist at Marel

Going from studying to fulltime working seemed a very big step to me, which is why I wanted to do a traineeship first. My study in Business Economics was very broad whereas the traineeship is very focused on gaining specific knowledge and practical experience.

SAP CRM consultant at NS

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