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Self-development within a traineeship at iTrainee
In this article Enzo Drijvers, former student at TU/e, explains why he chose the iTrainee traineeship after his studies, how he now looks back on that choice and what it has brought him.
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Meet Enzo
Enzo Drijvers

Only two years ago, he was still studying Innovation Management at the TU/e. Currently, he has found his way within iTrainee and Deloitte. Enzo Drijvers chose to join the SAP traineeship from iTrainee as the starting point of his career. Why did he choose this path? And how does he look back on the start of his career, during COVID?      

Author: Lars Geerlings

For Enzo, it was not that long ago that he was a full-time student at the TU/e. In January 2021, Enzo started his traineeship at iTrainee, still fairly close to Eindhoven, being stationed in Den Bosch. Enzo encountered SAP at an inhouse-day during his bachelor’s. Somehow, this visit was always in the back of his mind. During the career expo of Wervingsdagen, Enzo saw an SAP banner and immediately checked the stand. However, it turned out to be iTrainee. After a good conversation, Enzo left his contact details at the recruiter of iTrainee. Six months thereafter, he finished his thesis and iTrainee gave him a call. After conversations with several companies, Enzo still felt interested in SAP and what iTrainee had to offer.


The perfect combination

In 2022, he still feels that he has made the right choice. The first three months of the traineeship, the program is similar for everyone, which you follow in a small group of trainees who have also just started the program. With his background in Industrial Engineering, Enzo recognized many of the subjects discussed during this program which gave him a head-start. For Enzo, the program felt like the perfect combination of his studies. “I have always seen Industrial Engineering as a broad field of study. Finance, supply chain management, purchasing and sales are all represented. In my experience, you can combine this diverse knowledge perfectly in SAP”. This combination convinced Enzo to participate in the traineeship. One of his main questions, however, before fully committing to iTrainee, was the flexibility he had after this traineeship. Would SAP be too specialized? Maybe choosing SAP also closed other doors? “Conversations with iTrainee however, showed me that SAP also gives enough flexibility. If you want to switch to another field, you can do so within SAP!”. Hence, his fear of losing flexibility was solved.

At iTrainee, after the first 3 months, a trainee chooses a specialization. Enzo chose governance, risk & compliance. During this time, you also start conversations with one of the partnering companies of iTrainee, to see whether there is a match possible. Examples of these companies are Nationale Nederlanden, Rabobank and Deloitte. The last one was a match for Enzo. After starting with IT audits, he is currently involved in an advisory project at another firm. There, he is involved in mapping the business processes, translating these into codes for SAP and looking for opportunities for improvement and optimization. He is involved in the project from start to finish.


The social aspect of iTrainee

Furthermore, Enzo is continuously supported by iTrainee during the start of his career. Not only in advice and training, but also because he started at Deloitte with two other trainees. This social aspect was always there during his traineeship, although much of it was online due to COVID. Recently, they had a big party with all employees and trainees of iTrainee. iTrainee attempts to create cohesion within the group of trainees actively. During their traineeship, the trainees often joined each other in online meetings to work on the assignments. Outside of COVID, there would also have been more group activities such as kicking off with a typical Bosche Bol and ending the traineeship with a joint graduation event.


Valuable experiences

But even during COVID, iTrainee was active in the social aspect. For example, the traineeship also consists of soft skill training sessions and personal coaching. Every trainee has a coach, who assists them in finding the company that fits their interests and skills. Enzo valued this very highly. Furthermore, he said: “During the traineeship, you grow as a person. The soft skill sessions are valuable experiences you carry with you in your entire career. Besides being a normal trainee, this adds value to the traineeship. An example was a session about vitality and athleticism. How can you attack every day as athletes do, by considering your health? Here, we learned the simple importance of taking breaks, walking during lunch and more.” Especially during COVID, he valued this a lot. During a traineeship at iTrainee, there were many more examples of soft skill training sessions, such as communication skills, recognizing core qualities, assertiveness and more. His attention to soft skills and personal development has continued during his career at Deloitte. “At Deloitte, you get a lot of freedom and flexibility to work based on your preferences”, Enzo said. Enzo tells us about the impact foundation of Deloitte, where employees can work on something outside of their normal scope of work to make an impact on society. Up till now, Enzo has not started such a project. However, he plans on doing so. Examples of such projects are the Ukraine immigration support, acting against loneliness and more.



Just as within iTrainee, Deloitte values the social aspect highly. There are many drinks and leisure events during which Enzo got to know more and more people. Besides being fun, this has also helped him extend his network within Deloitte, which also supports him during his projects there.  Hence, the social aspect has been an outline during the start of his career at iTrainee and Deloitte. Until October, Enzo remains an employee of iTrainee. Usually, trainees continue their careers at the partner they are currently working with. Hence, Enzo expects to continue at Deloitte. In the meantime, Enzo will explore the IT audits as well as more advisory projects. Also, Enzo wants to discover the possibilities within Deloitte’s Impact Foundation. Starting as a trainee at iTrainee has led Enzo not only to discover SAP but also led to more self-development, becoming the person he is today!

This is a previously published article from SCOPE, the magazine of Study Association Industria.

Over Enzo Drijvers

Enzo Drijvers studied at the Technical University of Eindhoven with a bachelor in Industrial Engineering. Thereafter, he participated in the master Innovation Management and graduated in 2020. During his studies, he got interested in business processes, and especially the variety of the business processes within organizations and options to improve them. Joining the traineeship of iTrainee has given him the opportunity to work with different business processes in SAP, which kickstarted his career towards a consulting function at Deloitte.

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