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International Trainee Vacancy

Are you looking for a job that really suits you and matches your interests and ambitions? Apply and start your career with an employer that really suits you!


€2.400 – €2.800




‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Are you ready to kickstart your career?

 Are you an (almost) graduated Master student from a Dutch university and looking to start your career in the Netherlands? And does the combination of Business, IT and Consultancy sound good to you? iTrainee helps you with your job search and gives you everything you need to kickstart your career. With our trainee program we will guide and coach you to an employer that fits your needs and wishes. We will provide all the necessary knowledge and tools for a soft landing. After we find your match, you will start putting your new knowledge to the test with your new employer

.At iTrainee we value your wishes and demands, and put them first in finding the perfect place to kickstart your career. Together we will search and find the perfect match both on culture as on tasks, matching your background, personality and specialization. Besides all the hard skills we also offer you an extensive soft skill program and coaching. Our team will challenge and inspire you thru your time with us, to ensure that your start will be the best possible.

If you are selected to join our program, we will offer you a training program to get to know all the ins and outs of the business and technical aspects of IT. All classes are built for you, to get your SAP certification as soon as possible. SAP is the world leading company software, or we might look at low-code, the fastest growing method of app development. Next to this great personalized program, we offer 7 soft skills sessions focused on professionals skills, communication and personal growth. After the basic classes and soft skill, we will help you to find your expertise. For example, HRM, Finance, BI or Logistics/Supply Chain. After you are skilled enough within your expertise, let’s start your career at an employer that matches your ambitions!

With all the experience and knowledge you gain during your time with us, there is a clear build up in both challenge and salary. After our traineeship, when you sign with your employer, your salary can be up to € 4.000.

iTrainee College

If we have a match and you have decided to start your career with us, you will start in our own iTrainee College. An intensive education that is developed by our experienced teachers and coaches. They will guide you through the entire college period. This is a great step to continue your education after you have graduated and will match with your previous educations.  You learn everything you need to know about business and IT and also get some technical background. During this college, you will have a test every week just to ensure that you understand everything and know how to use it. After the college and your chosen expertise is finished, you will be fully certified and ready to go. You will start at the employer that is your perfect match.

What will you do?

What cases and tasks will you be working with? How does a big logistics company handle over 100.000 orders efficiently? How does a e-commerce company deliver your order within 24 hours.?  How do you translate useful management data into a rapport that will be sent to hundreds of retail stores. Or do we have to think about the look and user interface of a new app? All different challenges you, as a trainee, might face on a daily or weekly base.  From Supply Chain to procurement and from finance to CRM, SAP offers and expertise in every possible aspect of business.  Everything comes down to defining processes and being able to translate it into software, both functional and/or technical.

Which education do I need?

You have graduated from a Dutch university, and hold a Master degree in one of the following studies Business (Innovation), Finance Management, Logistics, Business Administration, Organizational Studies, Econometrics, Information Management, Math, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering or Industrial Design.

Do I need an IT-education?

Definitely not! It is not necessary, but if you have, great! Affinity with it is preferred, just as we would like you to have a Beta way of thinking. We will test as part of our recruitment process, not on those issues alone. But also an allround overview of your learning capabilities. We believe in our program to teach you the rest you need!

Which skills do I need?

Our partners and clients demand consultants that hold all the IT knowledge you need to do your job, but also look for candidates with people skills and knowledge of business processes. With that combination you hold a golden ticket. It’s important that your communication skills are on point, are capable of presenting a good proposal and are willing to share your knowledge to improve the company or their external clients. You don’t back down from a challenge!

Together we will find your match!

Together we will start your search for the best job and employer based on your demands, needs and wishes. You will kickstart your career, but with a soft landing at one of our partners that fits you.

Your development is the most important for us!

We will offer you all the training needed to expend your knowledge and 7 soft skills sessions focused on professionals skills, communication and personal growth. All with your career and future in mind.

Coaching from day 1 until the last

We understand that it is a big step from being a college student to the corporate world. That’s why we coach and guide you with every step you take and offer a coach that will be there for you.

What now?
Do you think: this is something for me? And do you want to know if you qualify for a traineeship at iTrainee? Take the test!

Do you still have any questions, or do you want to drop by for an introduction? Do not wait any longer and contact our recruiter Ivo: +31 6 55 55 28 39 or email to recruitment@itrainee.nl.

On our website you can read everything over again and view some personal stories of our trainees: find their stories here!

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